September 4th (Thursday)
  Session 1Bioinformatics
room A212-A215  
Chair: Akira Tsugita
  13:00-13:10Opening remarks: Human Liver Proteome and Plasma Proteome Projects
  Kazuyuki Nakamura
  13:10-13:40Transcriptome-based prediction for early intrahepatic
recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma
  Norio Iizuka (Yamaguchi University)
  13:40-14:10Proteome informatics in TMIG
  Toshifusa Toda (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology)
  14:10-14:40Human liver proteome analysis database by using HUP-ML
  Masao Sato (NEC Corp.)
  14:40-15:20HUPO plasma proteome project (ppp)
  Takuji Nabetani (Proteo. Res. Lab.)
-  Coffee Break  -
  Session 2New Technology & Resources
room A212-A215  
Chair: Toshifusa Toda
  15:40-16:10Human Plasma Proteome: Immuno-proteomics analysis by
affinity electrophoresis
  Kazuyuki Nakamura (Yamaguchi University)
  16:10-16:50Separation and Characterization of human liver insoluble proteins
  Keiichi Hosokawa (Proteo. Res. Lab.)
  16:50-17:30Posttranslational modification of liver glutamine synthetase in
hepatocellular carcinoma tissues from patients infected with hepatitis C virus
  Yasuhiro Kuramitsu (Yamaguchi University)
room A212-A215  
  18:00-20:00Buffet Dinner

  September 5th (Friday)
  Session 3Human Liver Proteomics-1
room A212-A215  
Chair: Kazuyuki Nakamura
  9:00-9:40Protein profile of cultured human hepatocytes
  Ken Oofusa (Innovation Plaza Hiroshima)
  9:40-10:20Human liver proteomics: Primary intrahepatic calculosis
  Takuji Nabetani (Proteo. Res. Lab.)
-  Coffee Break  -
  10:30-11:10Transcriptome of human liver diseases
  Shuichi Kaneko (Kanazawa University)
  11:10-11:50Cancer proteomics project in National Cancer Center Research Institute
  Tadashi Kondo (National Cancer Center Research Intitute)
-  Lunch  -
  Session 4Human Liver Proteomics-2
room A212-A215  
Chair: Tadashi Kondo
  13:00-13:40Pathological aspect of hepatocellular carcinoma and
comprehensive analysis of gene expression
  Michie Sakamoto (Keio University)
  13:40-14:20Proteomic profiling of hepatitis C-virus-related hepatocellular
  Motonari Takashima (Yamaguchi University)
  14:20-15:00Role of HCV in hepatocarcinogenesis
  Kiwamu Okita (Yamaguchi University Hospital)
  15:00-15:10Closing remarks
  Akira Tsugita